55,000 students, staff, faculty and other residents call UTown@UBC home
$68 million Funding from land lease proceeds contributed to the Student Housing Financing Endowment since 2011
99 Years Land at UBC is never sold outright, but is leased to developers while remaining the property of UBC
1,116 Number of student beds that will be added to the UBC Vancouver campus upon completion of Ponderosa Commons (2015)
$12 million Annual funding contribution of land lease proceeds to the UBC Endowment
$343 Million Amount of funding contributed to the UBC Endowment through land lease proceeds since the 1990's
27% Of all full-time students live on campus and are members of the UTown@UBC community
5 UNA neighbourhoods are part of UTown@UBC:Hampton, East Campus, Wesbrook, Hawthorn, Chancellor. Plus, Acadia Park (SHHS)!
1,300 UTown@UBC residents are family members of UBC students
1,000+ UTown@UBC residents are faculty members at the university
24 Child-care centres provide 700 spaces, making UBC the largest campus-based childcare provider in North America
3,200 family housing units, 50% of which are home to someone who works or studies at UBC
800+ children under the age of 18
181 Community garden plots available at UTown@UBC
15% Reduction in vehicle traffic despite a 51% increase in the daytime population
27% Of full-time students live on campus

UTown@UBC Facts and Figures

Did you know that there are over 19,000 UTown@UBC residents? Or that there are over 800 children living at UBC? Bet you didn't know that the development of UTown@UBC has contributed over $343 million to the UBC Endowment!

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