Bylaws and Regulations

UTown@UBC includes Student Housing and Hospitality Services residences (SHHS), as well as neighbourhoods which fall under the jurisdiction of the University Neighbourhood Association (UNA).

The entire university is regulated by the Board of Governor's policies, which include everything from sustainable development to pest control and more. Under Board Policy #92, UBC Campus and Community Planning acts as a steward of public assets, and is responsible for ensuring that any choices made about land and transportation serve UBC’s core academic mission and advance its sustainability goals. C+CP is responsible for land use rules and regulations, and aims to balance ecology, economics and community.

The UNA neighbourhoods are goverened by their own set of bylaws, which apply to those neighbourhoods, while SHHS outlines regulations for its residents in their residence contracts.

For more information on bylaws and regulations, check out the Student Housing and Hospitality Services website and the University Neighbourhood Association website.