13 Spring Community Grant Projects

This year, we received a record number of applications for the Spring UTown@UBC Grants cycle. The grant selection committee is pleased to announce projects that have been awarded funds from the UTown@UBC Spring Grant cycle. 

 UBC Bike Rave

More than a hundred cycling enthusiasts will be decked out in costumes and glow sticks as they cycle and dance their way around campus for the UBC Bike Rave. This an annual campus-wide celebration of cycling is now in its fifth year. This year’s event is ready to roll on March 24.

Community Builds

Community Builds is a series of interactive and engaging hackathon-style workshops that will engage UNA residents regarding issues and topics related to sustainability. Participants will then develop their own initiatives and share them with the community at the ‘Pitch Day’ finale.

Canada’s 150  Documentary Film Workshops

This film festival is in commemoration of Canada’s 150th Anniversary. Each of the three movie nights will also feature a community member who will speak to the themes of the film. You don’t want to miss if you are a Canadian history and culture aficionado.

Gardening with Children

UBC Sandpiper Daycare is coordinating a number of workshops where parents, toddlers and educators will get their hands dirty by engaging in hands-on gardening and education.  

UBC Kids Computer Coding

This program in Acadia Park teaches children the fundamentals of coding and computer engineering. Along with the opportunity to bond over learning new skills, as a final project, kids will program robots that will do neat tricks for showing off to parents and other community members.  

Main Mall Community Block Party

Nothing like a good old fashioned block party to cultivate conversations, new connections and a provide a fun time for all involved.

Neighbours will set up booths, BBQs and music to take advantage of summer right here on Main Mall Greenway.

Sprouts Community Meets

Curious about vegetarian and vegan cuisine? Attend this hands-on cooking workshop that will teach you how to make delicious, sustainable and nutritious meals.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Youth Training

This series of educational workshops for youth brought UN staff to UBC campus in order to advocate the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals adopted unanimously by United Nations in 1993[BS3] .

UTown @UBC Youth Film Club

Lights, camera, action! The UTown@UBC Youth Film Club is all set to produce a movie that highlights emerging issues surrounding youth in the UBC community. You don’t want to miss the screening of the show at your very own Old Barn.

Purdy Pavilion Intergenerational Engagement

This intergenerational program allows students to plan a series of events to create meaningful connections with seniors at the Purdy Pavillion. Mahjong evenings, magic shows and movie screenings are only some of the many recreational activities that are planned.

Wild Food Harvesting Plant-Walk and Seed Pollinator Give Away

Ever wonder what plants you are surrounded by as you walk through nature paths at UBC? This project aims to familiarize the community with some common weeds, herbs and flora and fauna. By the end of each walk, expect to have gathered freshly-harvested snack or edible herbs.

From Our Forest for the Community

This project brings together Acadia Park residents to raise awareness about sustainable development, land use and woodwork in the community. Participants will build picnic benches for common spaces while learning basic carpentry skills.

Trot for Tots

Put on your running shoes and lace up to rid Canada of child poverty. This marathon-style event is a fundraiser for the YNOTFORTROTS charity that aims to provide poor kids with access to resources such as higher education.