Spring 2019 Community Grant Projects

We are very excited to announce sixteen new projects supported by funding from the UTown@UBC Community Grants program. This year, we are proud to fund three projects that are organized by, and/or in partnership with members from the Musqueam community. Read on to learn about these upcoming community building programs. 

'Monthly Cultural Awareness Night

Monthly Cultural Awareness Nights bring together members of the community from different cultural backgrounds for an evening of cultural appreciation. This event encourages participants to develop new connections and friendships while enjoying traditional food.

Push Stories

This video series aims to create a stronger sense of community at UBC by providing students with a platform to share their personal stories relating to stigmatized issues, such as mental health, sexuality and personal identity.

Kutumbari: A Celebration of Languages

In a collaboration between various AMS clubs and over 200 volunteers, this large-scale cultural event brings together members of the UBC community to celebrate different languages around the world.

Art Festival at UHill: Expression & Authorship

The Art Festival of University Hill Elementary creates opportunities for children, parents and community members to share their expression of music, dance, drama and other kinds of art as a way to strengthen a sense of belonging and inclusion in a positive environment.

Pachamama 3.0: An Ecuadorian Cultural Night

Due to popular demand, Pachamama is back for the third time to educate the UBC community about Ecuador while celebrating its vibrant culture with an evening of art, music, performances, and traditional Ecuadorian food. Pachamama 3.0 is a free event and everyone is welcome to attend.

The Ripple Effect: 2019 UBC Social Enterprise Conference

The Ripple Effect is the 5th installment of the SEC’s annual conference series, which aims to connect a community of students who are inspired by social entrepreneurship and community-building. The inspiration for this year's conference comes from the idea that one small action can lead to big results–that is, small ripples can create the biggest of waves. 

Rugby with UBC Thunderbirds Women’s Rugby

This new initiative encourages female high school players in the Musqueam community to stay active by having members of the UBC Women’s Rugby team coach them on the fundamentals of rugby.

Locarno Archaeological Screening Program

This community initiative brings together UBC and Musqueam community members in an effort to recover belongings and secure ancestral remains from materials unearthed from Locarno Beach (the known location of a Musqueam village dating back at least 4,000 years).

UBC Cooking Club

Who doesn’t like a delicious home-cooked meal? The Cooking Club is the perfect way for students to develop their cooking skills and gain an appreciation for locally sourced and sustainable ingredients.

Amazing Race: Totem Park

This creative initiative provides new UBC students with an exciting opportunity to explore the city beyond the UBC campus, meet new friends, and complete challenges for prizes.

Parent Support Parents Club

The Parents Support Parents Club aims to increase access to mental health knowledge and professionals for immigrant parents and children while fostering a supportive community at UBC.

Diwali 2019

In celebration of the Indian New Year Festival, Diwali brings together all members of the UBC community to celebrate Indian culture by featuring a dance, music, and delicious food.

Fit Teens

Created by youth for youth, Fit Teens is a physical wellbeing program geared towards helping students and youth learn productive and healthy ways to cope with anxiety, stress, and mental health.

Climate Friendly Food

This educational event works to raise awareness of climate friendly food in the UBC community while keeping UBC on track to becoming a more sustainable and eco-friendly campus.

Active Spirit Community Run

Organized by the Indigenous Physical Activity & Cultural Circle, The River Run is a 5km walk or run that is open to the UBC community at no cost and promotes healthy living, exercise, culture and tradition.

The Hot Potato Initiative

This new initiative is geared towards raising awareness of homelessness in Vancouver by connecting youth from the UBC community with homeless support groups throughout the Lower Mainland.