Rain Graffiti is Coming to UBC

Something whimsical, quirky and fun is soon to hit pavements at UBC – rain grafitti – which is sure to make you want to play and splash around in the rain. We will keep the locations a secret for now, but if you spot one of the installations, be sure to share on social media for a chance to win tickets to an upcoming School of Music concert. Just use the hashtags #LetsThriveUBC and #UBCSEEDS. You may also tag us @UTownUBC. 

As part of the UBC SEEDS Sustainability program, 3rd year engineering student, Tiffany Quon, teamed up with staff at Community Development to bring an innovative rain graffiti project to campus.  Rain grafitti uses water-repelling and eco-friendly paint that only appears when wet. Through her designs, Tiffany hopes to brighten rainy days for students and passersby. These temporary installments will become visible in the rain starting October 30, coinciding with Thrive Week. Here's a sneak peak of Tiffany's design: 

“Hops and Hopes for...” is a spin on a traditional hopscotch. It replaces numbers with things such as comfort food, sleep and home. The idea is to nurture positive mental health and wellbeing. We hope many students, faculty, residents and staff will jump around their favourite activities, and perhaps even meet new people while doing so. 

Tiffany's second piece is an original illustration called “Flourish” which is a flat garden. She believes that the design will encourage passersby to grow along the garden with feelings of optimism. We hope that this drawing will be an uplifting one for students that are in the midst of their midterm season and tie in nicely with Thrive week, a week-long series of events focused on building ongoing positive mental health for UBC students, faculty, and staff. Thrive is also a mindset.