UTown@UBC Kids Fit

Registration for UTown@UBC Kids Fit is now open. Limited spots are available, so register now! 

The UTown@UBC Kids Fit Program is a 6-week fun and interactive after-school program for kids aged 7-12 years old who live in UTown@UBC to engage in physical activity in a fun and social setting! The program offers kids meaningful, inclusive and age appropriate physical activities on campus.

One of our most popular programs, the UTown@UBC Kids Fit Program is an initiative offered jointly by UBC Campus + Community Planning, Student Housing and Hospitality Services (SHHS), the University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) and the UBC School of Kinesiology.

One of the benefits of being part of the UTown@UBC community is that families enjoy access to world-class recreational facilities and sports centres. The UTown@UBC Kids Fit Program is a way for UTown@UBC kids to experience the fun activities these recreational facilities offer. 



  • UTown@UBC Kids Fit is offered to children who live in UTown@UBC in either Acadia Park or UNA neighbourhoods
  • Kids Fit is offered to children aged 7-12.  There are 50 spaces available in the program. General public may be admitted if spaces are available.


  • The next session of Kids Fit runs May 13-June 19, 2019. 
  • Mondays and Wednesdays, 4:00pm-6:00pm (Excluding May 20)
  • Registration is open March 18 - April 30 


What's included in the $40 registration fee?

  • Age appropriate physical activities
  • Quality physical activity instruction by senior-level students in UBC’s School of Kinesiology
  • Out-trips to UBC Athletic facilities
  • UTown@UBC Kids Fit t-shirt

What activities will my child be participating in?

Who will be responsible for my child?

  • All activities are supervised and led by senior-level students at the UBC School of Kinesiology who have completed first aid training

How do I register my child?

  • Registration is open until April 30
  • Pick up and drop off registration forms at the following locations:
  • Registration is $40 for families who live in UTown@UBC, and $80 for the public (if spaces is available).

Registration is March 12- April 30, 2019, and closes at 10:00pm. As space is limited registration is first-come first-serve. Registration form is available online, but must be brought to one of the registration locations for payment, along with your UTown@UBC Community Service Card or UNA Access Card.

Information for Parents 

Please read through this section for more information on UTown@UBC Kids Fit policies and procedures.

Program drop off procedures

  • The drop-off procedures for the UTown@UBC Kids Fit Program are as follows:
  • All sessions will have child drop-off in the Acadia Park Commonsblock, 2707 Tennis Crescent. Children must sign in with a Kids Fit instructor upon arrival.
  • Children are expected to arrive promptly at 4:00pm.

On certain days, which you will be notified about in advance, the Kids Fit Program will leave the Acadia Park Commonsblock at 4:15pm for ‘out-trips’ (program activities at other locations on campus). Parents and participants must understand that on these days there will be no program personnel present after 4:15pm. If a child arrives after 4:15pm at the Acadia Park Commonsblock on one of these days, the child will not be able to participate in the Kids Fit session and there will be no program personnel present to supervise the child.

Program Pick-Up and Sign-Out Procedures

All sessions will have child pick-up in the Acadia Park Commonsblock at 6:00pm. Parents will be notified in advance of any changes to the pick-up location. Participants must be signed out of the UTown@UBC Kids Fit Program either by themselves (as authorized on their registration form) or by a parent/guardian (as identified on their registration form).

Please note that identification will be verified before a child is released to a parent/guardian. It is therefore the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian(s) to ensure that all authorized pick-up persons are noted on their child’s registration form as no child will be released to an unauthorized individual.

Late Pick-Ups

Children are to be picked up promptly at 6:00pm as there is no aftercare provided by the Kids Fit Program.  If a child has not been picked up within fifteen minutes of the end of a program session, a call will be placed to the child’s main contact.  If pick-up is more than 1 hour late, the RCMP will be notified.

A repeated failure by a parent to pick up their child on time may result in their child being withdrawn from the Kids Fit Program without a refund.

Early Pick-Ups

Please let a Kids Fit leader know at drop-off if you need to pick your child up early. If you need to pick up your child unexpectedly, please call the program coordinator, at the Kids Fit phone number provided to you.

Items to send with your child

  • Suitable clothing for outdoor weather (rain jacket and sweater)
  • Active clothing and footwear (no jeans, sandals, slip-ons or crocs)
  • Small bag or backpack to carry essential belongings for each session
  • Refillable water bottle and 1 to 2 healthy snacks. Note: Please ensure that all food items you pack are nut-free.
  • Hat and sunscreen (on sunny days)
  • Towel, bathing suit and extra clothes (on swimming days only)
  • Leave valuable items and personal gaming devices at home

Absenteeism Notification

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian, to notify UTown@UBC Kids Fit Program staff if their child is going to be absent for any portion of the program. Parents/Guardians can do this by phoning the UTown@UBC Kids Fit number (tbd) or e-mailing UTown@UBC Kids Fit at kids.fit@ubc.ca. Due to staffing limitation, there will be no notification provided to parents if a child does not show up at the beginning of a session. For more information, please read through the Parents Information Manual

For more information please contact:

Mustafa Akhtar, Coordinator, Community Programs & Outreach 
Campus & Community Planning