UBC Pride online

UBC Pride Online

UBC Pride has wrapped up!

Thank you to everyone for joining us in this year's unique Pride celebration. Please make sure to check out our wrap-up blog post to see a recap of the amazing programming that took place this year: utown.ubc.ca/pride2021wrap


UBC Pride Online, what will that look like?

Pride is back at UBC! Get ready for a FREE and fabulous Pride festival to help us celebrate the beauty of all sexual and gender identities.

You do not want to miss UBC's fourth annual Pride. This year we’re doing things a little differently. We felt like we needed more than one evening to fly our flag this year, so this Pride is going to take place throughout all of term 2, in the form of a festival! Join us to show off your colours.

We are proud to present programming as active or as laid-back as you are comfortable with! Whether you like to show your pride in the spotlight or if you are more reserved in your celebration, we have something perfect for you!


Past Events

UBC Pride: Overexposed — Artist Showcase 

  • Art form: Photography or Multi Medium
  • Theme: LGBTQ2SIA+ identities
  • Showcase: Check back weekly (March 5 - April 2, 2021)

UBC is home to many talented LGBTQ2SIA+ artists. UBC Pride: Overexposed, is a community showcase of LGBTQ2SIA+ student art meant to celebrate all sexual and gender identities! Please check back weekly for new LGBTQ2SIA+ student art.

Artist Showcase 4 - Alger Liang [video link] [write-up] (April 2, 2021)

Artist Showcase 3 - Gray Park (March 19, 2021)

Artist Showcase 2 - Maiya Dexel (March 12, 2021)

Artist Showcase 1 - Darcy Bandeen (March 5, 2021)


UBC Pride: Learning our Roots

Pride Roots.png

  • Date: Saturday, March 13
  • Time: 5:00PM - 6:30PM PST

UBC Pride: Learning our Roots is a panel of distinguished queer academics from across Canada, presenting on their findings. The talks will address a variety of themes from the experiences and evolution of queer cultures, to the variety of degrees that queerness affects spatiality. We are proud to welcome the three following Canadian researchers!

Find more information below on our speakers:

Dr. Amin Ghaziani (The University of British Columbia) is a professor of sociology & Canadian research chair in Urban Sexualities at UBC. He is author or editor of 5 books, Imagining Queer Methods, Sex Cultures, There Goes The Gayborhood?, and The Dividends of Dissent: How Conflict and Culture Work in Lesbian and Gay Marches on Washington. To learn more about Dr. Ghaziani, please visit his website at aminghaziani.net/

Dr. Liz Millward (The University of Manitoba) is a professor of Women’s & Gender Studies with an interest in the history and geography of women’s spaces at. She has published several books such as Making a Scene: Lesbian and Community across Canada, 1964-84.

Dr. Craig Jennex (Ryerson University) is a scholar of performance, queer politics, and feminist theory. He recently published the book Out North: An Archive of Queer Activism and Kinship in Canada, co-written by Nisha Eswaran.


UBC Pride: ClubKid!

Date: Saturday, February 27th
Time: 8:00PM - 9:30PM PST

Blank Vinyl Project is bringing the annual ClubKid event to YOU via YouTube Livestream!

ClubKid is a musical celebration of Queer culture inspired by the New York Club Kids scene of the 80s and 90s. We have two incredible artists lined up to play:

Saliska Sun is fascinated with how songs can become landscapes when you close your eyes, and how music is a deeply human expression and medium for connection. She is a poet, a classically trained singer, and an untrained guitarist and composer inspired by folk and jazz vibrations. Her first album, Dancing with Water, is a love letter to the rain and ocean. She often writes while walking, riding her bike, or watching waves on the beach, and considers her music the processof sharing melodies that live in her body, and reflections on time, relationships, self, and presence.

Curtis Sobtafo: My name is Curtis and I go by he/him/his. I'm really thankful for being able to share my set with you guys and I hope you enjoy it from one gay to another!

Click here for the Facebook event and be sure to follow Blank Vinyl Project on Instagram for more fun events like this! @BlankVinyl


UBC Pride: Filmmaking & Activism w/ Love Intersections

If you’re an aspiring filmmaker, love films, an activist or if you’re all three of those things, we have the perfect event for you!

Love Intersections is a media arts collective made up of queer artists of colour dedicated to using collaborative art-making and relational storytelling to address systemic racism in our communities. They produce intersectional and intergenerational stories from underrepresented communities of colour – centering the invisible, the spiritual, the metaphysical, and the imaginary. They believe in deep and meaningful relationships, that intersectionality is a verb and a call to action, that we must cultivate social trust through collective care and community responsibility. Their desire is to provoke (he)artful social change through a lens of love.

Filmmaking and Activism with Love Intersections will include screenings of several short films produced by Love Intersections, and a discussion led by Jen Sungshine and David Ng about their filmmaking process and how to cultivate community and social trust within both the queer and mainstream communities. Their presentations are centered on the power of media arts and creativity as a means of activism, which gives participants the opportunity to look at how they can contribute with their own creativity in the context of social justice.


UBC Pride: Art of Vogue w/ Rey Xtravaganza

  • Date: January 30, 2021
  • Time: 6pm - 8pm PST
  • First hour - History of Vogue / Second hour - Introductory Dance Class to Vogue
  • Instructor: Rey Xtravanganza
  • FREE! Registration required: RSVP HERE by January 30, Noon PST

Vogue is a dance form created in New York by LGBTQ2SIA+ Latino and African Americans. From its inception in the 1980 gay ballroom scenes of Harlem, vogue and ballroom culture has grown globally. A crucial facet of ballroom culture was the house system (Collectives of LGBTQ2SIA+ chosen families). One of the most renowned houses is the legendary house of Xtravagaza. This house has been there for it all. Whether you know them from Paris is Burning or Pose, now is your chance to learn from the house that inspired Madonna.

The Art of Vogue will be a two-part lesson taking place over zoom January 30th taught by Rey Xtravaganza. Part one will be an hour-long talk about the history and cultural impacts of Vogue from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Part two will be an hour-long introductory Vogue dance class open to all levels from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM! Get ready, clear some space, and learn how to Vogue.

Artist Bio: Rey Xtravanganza is a Dominican-American Dancer and Photographer based in New York City. As a dancer he has performed at the NYC World Pride opening ceremony and the world renown Apollo Theatre, appeared as an extra on POSE, and taken part in Nike's BETRUE commercial. As a photographer his work has been featured in PAPER and MILLE magazine and he has shot for distinguished brands such as FILA.


And there’s more!

More events will be coming your way! Check back here or follow our social media as we announce the next installations in UBC Pride Online.