UTown@UBC Youth Leadership Program

Want to gain valuable leadership skills and get to know your campus community while connecting with other youth at UTown@UBC? Join the UTown@UBC Youth Leadership Program.

Youth are a very important part of the UTown@UBC community! Over the past ten years, we have seen the youth population grow so much that UTown@UBC and the UNA are jointly supporting a Youth Program Coordinator to help facillitate youth programming on campus, and to provide teens with opportunities to connect with their campus community and with one another. 

What are the goals of the UTown@UBC Youth Leadership Program?

  •     Enhance students’ lives with activities that are not traditionally offered in the classroom
  •     Offer challenging experiences that promote physical, mental, environmental and emotional growth
  •     Help youth develop strong leadership skills, build confidence and gain experience planning and executing community events and activities. 
  •     Provide volunteer opportunities to youth living in UTown@UBC
  •     Increase students awareness of UTown@UBC and its available resource

Who is the UTown@UBC Youth Leadership Program for?

The UTown@UBC Youth Leadership Program is for youth, ages 13-17 who live in the UTown@UBC community.

When does UTown@UBC Youth Leadership Program meet?

The UTown@UBC Youth Leadership Program meets throughout the school year from September to April on Fridays from 4:00-7:00 pm. Occasionally, times may change to accomodate certain activities.

Where do UTown@UBC Youth Leadership Program activities take place?

Activities primarily take place at the Old Barn Community Centre and Acadia Park Commonsblock, however the program is often out and about in the UBC community. Occasional outdoor expedition programs are also offered in various local B.C. wilderness locations. In January, participants will meet at Old Barn Community Centre.

Why was UTown@UBC Youth Leadership Program developed?

Since 2001, Campus + Community Planning has worked with several community groups to identify and provide programs for youth living on campus. A needs assessment survey was sent to residential families living in the UTown@UBC community and the response highlighted a desire for after-school programs reaching the youth and teens living in the UTown@UBC community. This initiative has evolved into UTown@UBC Youth Leadership Program a multi-faceted youth program.

Who runs the UTown@UBC Youth Leadership Program?

Campus + Community Planning and the UNA jointly support the program, and have hired a dedicated Youth Program Coordinator who will design, implement and facilitate the program. Taylor Scott is the Youth Program Coordinator, and his office is located at the Old Barn Community Centre. Stop by and say hello if you are around!

How does the program work?

The new UTown@UBC Youth Leadership program (formerly UTown@UBC LEAP Program) will continue to provide teens with opportunities to develop valuable leadership skills and become actively engaged in their campus community. The program will change from year to year to allow participatnts to build on their learnings and grow intellectually.The program is offered free to UTown@UBC residents.

How much does the program cost

The UTown@UBC Youth Leadership Program is offered free of charge to youth living in Acadia Park or UNA neighbourhoods. If additional spaces remain, they will be available to the public, however a $50 per term registration fee will be applied.

Sounds great, how do I get involved?

Space is limited and registration is required. All UTown@UBC youth can register at the front desk of the Old Barn Community Centre, 6308 Thunderbird Blvd. As space is limited registration is first-come first-serve.

For more information, contact:    

Taylor Scott
Youth Program Coordinator