Image: Photo of Seeds of Growth workshop at UBC Farm. Credit: Yawen —

Recipients | Inspiring Community Grant 2021

The Inspiring Community grant launched in June 2021, as a special cycle in our Community Grants program. All applications are reviewed by a Grant Selection Committee, made up of past grant recipients and community members. 

Congratulations to all the Inspiring Community grant recipients! Their projects contribute to a sense of togetherness in the community and inspire others to get involved. 

Funded Projects:

Outer Space Crafting at Acadia Park completed

Organized for children and their families at Acadia Park Residence to make a special rocket pillow craft together while learning about outer space, gravity and how astronauts operate in space. 

Summer Reading in Acadia Park completed

The little libraries in Acadia Park are a symbol of community connection that uses book sharing to increase literacy access for families. The community will take part in the selection of book titles geared towards 6-12 year olds, and through a partnership with Kidsbook Vancouver, books will be purchased to stock up the library. 

Seeds for Growth completed

During the pandemic, nature has been a constant element in our lives that has nurtured us mentally and physically. One way to give back to nature, we as a community will come together to make seed balls out of local wildflower seeds and biodegradable materials for bees, butterflies, and pollinators to enjoy after blossoming. Participants will be encouraged to partake in an online or in-person workshop at the UBC Farm that will involve looking at art, storytelling, and a seed ball making lesson. Not only will the natural environment benefit, but families will come together over messy making and healing after a jarring year.

Vaccine Literacy Workshops for Youth completed

Organized by the student-led Vaccine Literacy Club, this program delivers age-appropriate and culturally relevant workshops for youth on vaccines. The workshops will include guest presentations from UBC faculty members and will give youths the knowledge and tools to have conversations about COVID-19 vaccines with their peers. 

Propagating Plants, Growing Community completed

This project will inspire new connections between neighbours by facilitating knowledge exchange on the propagation and exchange of plants. A graduate architecture student will design two devices that can be easily built from re-used materials and the designs will be shared with neighbours through a zine, social media community, a workshop and experimenting with the prototypes in the local community centres.  

This September, come see a prototype seed-starting case made from re-purposed materials, give feedback on plans for other devices and receive a free instructional “zine” about propagation. The display will be located in the reception area of Wesbrook Community Centre from September 15-21st and at the Old Barn Community Centre from September 22-28th.

Talk Show completed

Talk Show is an art gallery on the theme of self-expression by the Youth Art Engagement Committee at the University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA). Our group works to promote youth art culture and encourage youth from our community to come together and connect through art. This gallery asks artists to share anything they want to express; through this project, we want to encourage everyone to be proud of who they are, to find and learn to find and learn about new perspectives and ideas, and to know that our differences are our strengths. 

Musqueam Gets Ready for Winter! completed

This event aims to provide energy saving and health and safety tips for Musqueam membership living on-reserve. Hosted in collaboration with Musqueam housing department, there will be games, presentations and activities for families to learn how to save energy during winter, improve indoor air quality, and enhance the health and safety of their homes. Participants will also receive furnace filters, dryer balls, and energy saving kits. 

Dahi-Handi & Sports Event completed

Organized by AMS Hindu Yuva, a student club, this project gathers UBC students to celebrate and inform people about the unique festival of Janamasthami, widely celebrated in Indian culture. The celebration includes a "Dahi-Handi" competition where a team of people will break a clay pot to celebrate the auspicious event and further enjoy with music and Indian snacks.

Sharing Indigenous teachings through song and dance by Laura Grizzlypaws completed

All residents of Acadia Park, from young to old, will benefit from the teachings, story and bear dance at this event featuring Laura Grizzlypaws. Laura Grizzlypaws is a strong Indigenous Woman, Mother, fluent St̓át̓imcets language speaker who hold four degrees and is a role model for her nation. She is a bear dancer and will share song and the bear dance along with the Creation story. Celebrating diversity within Indigenous Nations will enrich the Acadia community and acknowledge the rich heritage of these lands we call home. 

Read about the highlights of Laura Grizzlypaw's performance at Acadia Park on September 18!

Indigenous Storytelling and Arts Night completed

This culturally enriching community event introduces children living in Acadia Park Residence to Indigenous storytelling and art. Kung Jaadee, VPL's 2021 Indigenous Storyteller in Residence, will bring her Indigenous storytelling to Acadia Park Residence's Hall. In addition to storytelling, children will colour and engage with prints of Haida art of the Raven and the Bear, two key characters in Kung Jaadee's work.

Pacific Spirit Park Nature Walks in progress

These weekly nature walks will take place from November to December and are designed to provide participants with guided tours of the rainforest trails at Pacific Spirit Park next to the UBC campus.

The Bookclub completed

The “BookClub'' creates a community for young adults looking to engage with thought-provoking social justice/personal development themed books/videos in a group setting. Membership is open to all UBC students and alumni. The club alternates between reading novels (fiction or non-fiction) and watching TedTalk “TedCircles'' to discuss important global topics and consider each other’s perspectives.

Acadia Park Soil Restoration Workshop completed

This is a community focused soil science workshop aimed at strengthening the quality of soil in Acadia Park garden plots. A masters student who did their work in soil restoration will lead a workshop on crop rotation, soil texturing, composting and soil pH testing.

Painting for Pain completed

Recognizing how midterm season exacerbates the anxiety students experience, UBC SPIHC is organizing Painting for Pain, with the goal of providing a welcoming environment for students to distress, while learning about mental health issues and tips on how to have a more balanced lifestyle. The event provides students with the opportunity to socialize, enjoy a cup of tea, and paint all their stress away.

Joys of Classical Chinese Poetry completed
Classical Chinese poetry is a splendid part of Chinese culture. For the past 2,500 years, Chinese people created millions of poems. Nowadays, their interests in classical Chinese poetry still remain strong, as evidenced by high enrollments in courses on this subject. Many community members of Chinese background appreciate classical Chinese poetry. This event will last for around one and half hours. There will be mini presentations and entertaining activities. It will be an informative and fun experience for community members.

Beading with Community completed

My project will be to bring beading into Acadia Park by supplying all the needed materials for double needle flat stitch beading.

Acadia Park Community Calendar completed

We are requesting artwork submissions from children around Acadia Park. Drawings, paintings and other artwork will be scanned electronically and used to create the 2022 Calendar. Significant dates from a variety of different cultures will be added into the calendar for awareness and learning purposes. Photos from around Acadia Park have been requested as well which will be complied within the calendar. The printed copies will be available at the Commons Block or by contacting a Residence Association member.