Discovering UTown@UBC

UTown@UBC is a complete, sustainable community, and it's our goal to provide residents with access to a similar range and quality of services available to residents of other Metro Vancouver municipalities. Together, we're transforming UBC Vancouver from a commuter campus into a vibrant, sustainable community, where you can live, work, and learn on site!

Programs like the UTown@UBC Community Grants help build community on campus by encouraging students, staff, faculty and other residents to share their talents and interests with one another, while  programs such as UTown@UBC Youth Fit and the UTown@UBC Kids Fit bring together students at the UBC School of Kinesiology, with residents on campus.

And while a campus community is great for students, faculty, staff and other residents who live on campus (just check out the great community services and programs available), it also benefits the campus as a whole. As the UTown@UBC community grows, so do the opportunities for more shops, services and amenities, that can be used and enjoyed by all.

So take some time to explore this amazing campus community; learn, play, eat, shop, and enjoy everything UTown@UBC has to offer!