LET's Give Lending Exchange Program Launched with a UTown@UBC Community Grant

Image: Albert Normandin —

You may recall way back in October, we received a record number of UTown@UBC Community Grant applications, and awarded over $8,000 to 16 very deserving projects. One of these projects was LET's Give, a Local Exchange Trading System (or LETS) that aims to connect individuals and families who live in the university neighborhoods by providing a forum to exchange goods and services.

Well, it's recently been launched and looks great! Developed and coordinatated by two Acadia Park residents, this project is definitely unique and not only encourages campus residents to connect to exchange goods and services, but also promotes the idea of giving a second life to items and provides a forum for residents to share resources and talents such as babysitting, language lessons and more.

Kudos to the residents who worked so hard to get this project up and running! Be sure to check it out: http://www.letsgive.ca/