Community Grants Spotlight: Lights on the Roof

Lights on the Roof is an annual lantern event hosted by UBC club, Roots on the Roof. It takes place every year on the rooftop garden of the AMS Nest and aims to celebrate space and community at the end of the growing season. Lights on the Roof also marks the end of the fall semester as it takes place on the last day of classes. During the spring, summer, and fall seasons, the space is used as a food hub on campus with a regular growing rotation. As the garden shuts down for the winter time, the roof is reimagined into a magical space filled with handmade lanterns, artistic installations, warm food, activities and live music for all members of the UBC community to enjoy. Every part of this event is contributed by community members and friends of the club.

Leading up to the 2018 event, Roots on the Roof hosted weekly lantern making workshops where folks could make their own lanterns to illuminate the space. Some lanterns were also borrowed from the Still Moon Arts Society, who host their own lantern festival every year. Art installations were created by David Wang, Lidia Hurtado, Sharon Low, Amelia He, Evguenia Ignatenko. Music was delivered by Simok, Bero Saker, UBC Jazz Café Club, David Yu & Ricardo Halabi, and Swabski. Community members and passerby’s were invited to interact with the space, reflect, and experience the night’s charm. Attendees also had the chance to interact with four activities throughout the night that inspired reflection about food in different ways.  The food provided included soup and brownies sourced from Agora Café and Sprouts, as well as fair-trade hot chocolate. With the support of volunteers and community partners on campus, Lights on the Roof continues the tradition of presenting an enchanting evening of lanterns, tranquility, and togetherness at UBC.