Jane's Walk at UBC

Join us for a Jane's Walk this year with Campus & Community Planning Landscape Architect, Dean Gregory and Manager of Community Planning, Joanne Proft.

Jane’s Walks are free, locally organized walking tours that give people the opportunity to get together to explore and celebrate their neighbourhoods. They are held annually around the world including at UBC to celebrate and honour urbanist Jane Jacobs, an advocate for sustainable and community-centred neighbourhoods.  Jane’s Walks are not only educational, they are fun as well, and provide a great opportunity to meet your neighbours, and learn together.

UBC in itself is a small city that is urbanizing to become a dynamic place to study, and live. This year's Jane's Walk revolves around topics of evolution of planning, sustainability and reconciliation. The tour will take you through UBC’s south end of the academic campus, in particular, Hawthorn Place. Pharmacy Building, Orchard Commons, the Engineering Building Courtyard and will end at the new Reconciliation Pole. You will also have the opportunity to explore UBC's beautiful public realm improvements; part of a 15-year plan to improve and update public spaces and animate, invigorate and bring life to campus.

When:  Wednesday, May 3, 2017, 12:00-1:00
Where: Meet outside Bean Around the World/ Old Barn Community Centr

For more information about Jane’s Walk, visit their website.

Contact us for more information, or register online.