Spring 2012 Community Grants

The UTown@UBC Community Grants Program is pleased to announce grants awarded to seven community projects! Over $5,400 in funding has been awarded to projects that focus on building an active, social and vibrant UTown@UBC community.


Neighbourhood Crisis Care, Bridget Corriveau - $475

The Neighbourhood Crisis Care Team will coordinate community members in the provision of crisis care to neighbors in need. Funding will be used to develop a volunteer package with information on local resources and cultural sensitivity training materials. Funding will also support the development of program promotional items. All program materials will be made available to the UTown@UBC community to assist other neighbourhoods in implementing a similar program.

Youth Summer Fitness Club, Kerri Zhang and Florence Luo - $1000

The Youth Summer Fitness Club is a project being coordinated by community volunteers. Twice a week, youth will meet to engage in physical activity and sports such as Frisbee, volleyball, basketball, and swimming. Not only will the program promote physical activity and healthy choices, it will also foster leadership and team-building skills in participants, and introduce families to the world-class recreational facilities on campus.

Nature and Art Summer Camp, Ae Kim - $1000

Children in kindergarten through grade two will explore, learn about, and celebrate nature in the UTown@UBC community. Over five days, the group will visit Pacific Spirit Park, UBC Botanical Garden and UBC Farm Forest, participating in activities such an adventure walks, art and a celebration on the last day to share ideas and experiences with their community.

UBC Baby-Sitting Co-op, Lisa Schroder - $850

With the cost and difficulty of finding good childcare, families have come together to form the UBC Babysitting Co-op as a network of support. In an effort to welcome new members to the co-op, a fun and inclusive event will be hosted for interested families to meet others in the co-op and learn more about how to get involved.

Acadia Park All Stars End of School Year Championship Soccer, Lilach Marom - $450

The Acadia Park All Stars End of School Year Championship Soccer is a tournament that was held for a group of children aged 6 – 13 who gather weekly during the school year to share their passion for soccer. The tournament was held at the Acadia Park Community Centre on June 16th, 23rd and 24th.

Green UBC Lipdub, Bennett Oh - $817

Lipdub is a single roll video created to promote and celebrate a particular group or idea. UTown@UBC resident Bennett Oh will coordinate a community lipdub, complete with music, dancing and lots of energy. The video will showcase the unique, eco-friendly culture and lifestyle of the UBC community, and along the way discover some hidden talents from residents.

Children’s Garden, Patrick Moore - $835

The children’s garden next to the Old Barn Community Centre not only enhances public space, it also engages children and youth with the source of their food. Funding will help support the children as they plant, care for and harvest vegetables, berries and fruit and contribute to the community through agriculture education and outreach.