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Recipients | Inspiring Community Grants 2023

Congratulations to all the Inspiring Community Grant recipients for their ideas and initiatives to support a sense of community at UBC, the University Neighbourhoods and Musqueam. 

Learn about all the funded projects below! This page will continue to be updated as new projects are funded.

Feeling inspired by these projects? Grant funding is still available: Apply here by February 1, 2024.

The Meditation Walk: Mindfulness and Community Together at UBC by Allan C.

We will hold meditation walks for members of the community at UBC, the University Neighbourhoods and Musqueam to learn, meditate, and practice self-care together. Labyrinths are used worldwide as a way to quiet the mind, calm anxieties, recover balance in life, enhance creativity and encourage meditation, insight, self-reflection and stress reduction using nature. Taking place at the labyrinth at UBC (6000 Iona Drive), these meditation walks will be facilitated by a UBC-trained professional who specializes in meditation walks using outdoor labyrinths. Free and open to everyone. Register for one of two sessions in February 2024 here.

Lights on the Roof by Judith H.

Join us for Lights on the Roof on December 7th to celebrate the end of classes! From 6-10pm, the AMS Nest rooftop garden will be transformed into a place to gather with your friends and celebrate under the lights. Free snacks and hot drinks will be provided while you hang out and enjoy the live music, booths and activities! Open to everyone.

Wesbrook Diwali Celebration by Angie D.

The Indian New Year Celebration (Diwali) aims to bring together people from the UBC community to learn about and celebrate Diwali through the sharing of Indian art, dance, music and food. Activities at this year’s event will include Indian classical and modern dance performances, Bollywood dancing with audience participation, craft activities, henna artists, and opportunities to try on different types of traditional Indian clothing (sarees, turbans etc). Traditional Indian snacks such as samosas, ladoos and chai will be provided.

People's Picnic by Shanaia M.

People's Picnic is a special edition of the Community Eats meals from Sprouts Cafe at UBC. The People’s Picnic Event not only provides nutritious meals but also actively supports the narrative of food as a human right, advocating for those who often go unrecognized and ensuring the well-being of the UBC community and campus. This initiative fosters a connected campus environment, bridging gaps between diverse communities, and promoting a healthier atmosphere. By encouraging container use, the event also addresses sustainability, diversity, and community engagement in one effective effort, all while initiating dialogues about supporting the individuals who care for our campus and their vital contributions. Learn more here.

Human Library - Stories of Solidarity, Strength & Struggle by Jesse R. 

The Human Library event combats prejudices by facilitating conversations with people from diverse backgrounds, similar to borrowing books from a library. This initiative focuses on connecting BIPOC and marginalized individuals within racialized capitalism, aiming to inspire community engagement and knowledge exchange. Through these interactions, it encourages social understanding and involvement. This event took place on Oct 4 at Great Dane Coffee. Learn more here.

Flamingo Farsi by Morteza S.

Numerous Iranian children residing in Acadia Park were either born in Canada or immigrated at a young age, leading to parental concerns about the limited grasp of their native Farsi language. Compounding this issue is the distant location of existing Farsi language schools from the campus, posing logistical difficulties for student parents. Addressing these challenges, we aim to establish Farsi language classes for children, facilitating their acquisition of reading, writing, and speaking skills in their mother tongue while enhancing their cultural awareness.

Reveal/Reform Exhibition Opening Reception by Isabel C.

An exhibition opening reception event that highlights the stories of UBC student activism to create community and promote unilateral collaboration amongst the UBC community and beyond. This event is on Tuesday, Sept. 26, 5-8pm at the Hatch Gallery. Find details here.

Chinese Moon Festival Celebration by Sabrina H.

A social gathering at Wesbrook Community Centre for participants to make friends, learn more about their community on campus, learn and celebrate the Chinese Moon Festival together. The project will host games and performances for participants of all ages to enjoy. There will also be food for all and game prizes such as school supplies to prepare students for their new school year.

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Aboriginal Steering Committee by Kinwa B.

The UBC Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) is planning a celebratory event to honour the Aboriginal Steering Committee’s 20th anniversary. Over the past two decades, the ASC has continued to support a deeper understanding of the social, environmental, and cultural determinants of First Nation, Métis, and Inuit children’s health and wellbeing. We will honour our ASC Relations through ceremony, song, dance, and Indigenous Tacos! 

Folil Trafün: Connecting through Indigenous films from Latin America & Canada by Neftali M.

Folil trafün (Joining roots) is a showcase of Indigenous and Afro-diaspora films made in Latin America and Canada, followed by dialogues to deepen understanding of the films and their relationship with local realities. Taking place in September, the showcase will be a three-day event (in person) with multiple films and discussions each day in different locations at UBC. Free admission and everyone is welcome. Learn more and register here.

The Listening Bulletin by Xinyi L.

The idea began as a Listening Table, which Xinyi would set up at various locations throughout Vancouver to talk to people about their lives (and occasionally share parts of her own). Having seen this idea in action with her Table, we believe this new project—a Listening Bulletin, an evolution of the Table—will be successful in bringing the community together. The idea is essentially a simple, interactive community board that's almost like an art piece or visual web made by a group of people (who may be strangers to one another) which shows how similar and kind strangers can be. The Listening Bulletin will be set up at Wesbrook Community Centre.

Open Soccer for Women by Amanda A.

Our goal is to create women’s soccer sessions so women of all levels can experience the joy of playing soccer with other women! We hope that we can inspire youth in the area, encourage more women in sport, and allow access to sport as we continue to age. We will have 9 soccer sessions that will begin with 30 minutes of warm-up and introductory training, followed by 30 minutes of scrimmage. This project is intended for ALL women who want to play soccer, irrespective of age, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, or level of playing. No woman will be turned away from this event.

Big Fight in Little Chinatown: Film Screening by Jason L.

The objective of “Big Fight in Little Chinatown: Film Screening” is to spread awareness of the culturally significant neighbourhoods in Vancouver such as Chinatown and Punjabi Market as landscapes that are brought alive through the activities of everyday life and cultural experiences of people as well as tie them to their heritage. As our city continues to grow and face development pressures, how should we honour and sustain – including through policy approaches – the intimate connections these places have with the social history and living heritage in these communities? This film addresses these concerns by going through the journey and history of Chinatown in each city in the film. Light refreshments that are deeply connected and intertwined with Chinatown are served on the side.

Artful Serenity: Watercolour & Crafts Community Retreat by Jessica K.

"Artful Serenity: Watercolour & Crafts Community Retreat" session is a new program proposal inspired by the positive reception of art therapy nights in other UBC housing communities. Offering a two-hour session over two days, this creative experience provides space for busy parents or parents-to-be to unwind, explore watercolour painting, mindful colouring, and craft unique jewelry pieces.

Children's Concert by Enav Z.

This event at Acadia Park features a children's concert by professional children's musician Jessica Schellenberg and her band.

Summer Vibes Family Picnics at Acadia Park by Rebecca H.

These two events on July 29 & August 26 bring together the Acadia Park community to have a picnic meal and listen to music. The artists will engage the audience in participation and opportunity will be available for children to perform a song/dance/incredible talent. 

Tie-Dye for Pride by Katherine C.

The objective of Tie-Dye for Pride is to promote inclusivity and acceptance of all individuals regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. The program seeks to create a sense of belonging and community for people who identify as LGBTQIA+ and their allies. Participants will create their own tie-dye t-shirts using various colours that represent the rainbow, which has become a symbol of the LGBTQIA+ community. This will be a fun and creative way for people to show their support for Pride Month.The vibrant colours and patterns of tie-dye are a perfect way to visually represent the diverse individuals within this community, highlighting that everyone is unique and should be celebrated for who they are.   

Read our interview with Katherine and fellow RAs about their grant project, Tie Dye for Pride!

Youth Soccer Camp at Acadia Park: Pathway to Professional Soccer by Hajun C.

This is for children aged 7-9 at Acadia Park Family Housing. Through fun activities, participants will enhance their soccer skills while also gaining valuable life skills. Experience a sense of community, forge new connections, and develop confidence, teamwork, sportsmanship, and even professional-level skills by the end of the camp.

UBC Neighborhood Running in Weekend by Laura Y.

Our voluntary and open running group will be jogging or running every Saturday throughout the year in the UBC community. Our group will consist of 20-30 runners for each activity. Our activities will have a positive impact on participants’ physical and mental health and foster a sense of community connection while promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity. 

Story and Music Circle Time at Acadia Park by Enav Z.

There are many parents and tots programs on campus, but most of them are geared towards children aged 2-4 years and are costly, especially for low income student families. As a musician and a mother I want to organize a free weekly circle time for infants aged less than 12 months and their parents that includes story time and songs, followed by socializing time for the caregivers. I intend for this to be an ongoing weekly program while I am on maternity leave, until August. 

Beginner's Guide to Green Clean by Katherine C.

Hosted in Marine Drive Residence, residents will learn and create their own natural, eco-friendly cleaners. Natural cleaners are sustainable and less hazardous to the environment. This program promotes life-long learning where residents will gain an understanding on simple and affordable cleaning recipes that they can practice in their unit. Additionally, this is a great opportunity for residents to DIY and connect with their community. We are encouraging residents to bring their own reusable spray bottles and containers. 

Indigenous Mental Health and Wellbeing Orientation Event by  Kimberley B.

This event is an opportunity for our Indigenous Mental Health and Wellbeing (IMHW) team to share information about the Indigenous Mental Health and Wellbeing work with brand new Indigenous students to the university. This is especially important as our team is new to the UBC community. We hope that our event will promote and encourage Indigenous students to connect with us for support.