Don't Miss these Fall 2017 UTown@UBC Community Grant Projects

The UTown@UBC Grant Selection Committee is excited to announce the winners of our most recent Community Grants.

Thank you to all those who applied during this cycle!

Congratulations to the community members who were awarded up to a total of $1000 for their individual projects. Here's a description of the projects:

10 Ways of Wellbeing Fair

Coming in November 2018, 10 Ways of Wellbeing will introduce community members to different ways that they can reduce stress and promote wellbeing in their everyday lives. A meditation workshop following the fair will give members an opportunity for hands-on learning.

Acadia Park Free Little Libraries

Free libraries will soon be installed in Acadia Park. These libraries will encourage residents to reuse by sharing books with each other. Keep an eye out for these weather proof boxes in the new year.

Art Expression Youth Club

Eager to see how everyday “garbage” can be transformed into beautiful art? This is one exhibit you don’t want to miss! Stop by the art exhibit in the new year to see how you can upcycle those old wine bottles. Check out their Facebook page here

Artists in Residence

An emerging platform that is encouraging student residence to share their creativity in both visual and written form! Want to share your creative side? Stay tuned for more information on how you can submit your artwork for their March showcase.

Cargo Bike Trailers

Building connections can start with where you lock up your bike. This project will implement cargo bike trailers to help facilitate interactions among residents. Perhaps the next conversation with your neighbor will be sharing a story about using the bike trailer…

Connecting Across Cultures

This project facilitates connection through traditional handicrafts! Explore the diverse culture of the Musqueam people by coming together for a series of arts and craft style events. Keep your eye out for more details and registration in the new year.

Discover the Forest with a Naturalist

Amazed by the beauty of British Columbia and want to learn more about the environment and ecosystems here on campus? You can discover the forest with a naturalist for two tours each month. This project is led by environmental specialists who are eager to share their knowledge about the urban environment. Tours are set to start in February.

Help the Deserved

This project is giving staff, students and faculty the opportunity to give back and support developing nations around the world. Through various fundraising events, and community driven initiatives, this project will raise funds for UNICEF, which gives support to nations in need and disaster relief.

Korean Culture Workshop

Embrace the diversity of the UBC community through this festival style celebration! You will have the opportunity to learn more about Korean culture, while also sharing your own cultural background. This month-long project kicks off in the new year with lots of exciting events planned. More details to come soon. 

Lights on the Roof

This community lantern festival took place on December 1st at the rooftop garden in the Nest. It creatively brought together and celebrated local artists and musicians from around the UBC community. Check out the event page for photos and more details.

Ponderosa Little Library

Join an anonymous book-loving community by sharing your favorite reads and picking up someone else’s with the Ponderosa Little Library. This project will install a small library box by Ponderosa and give community members a cost-effective way trading in old favorites for new ones!

Seed Lending Library

You can grow your own garden with the help of the seed lending library. Get your hands on some high-quality seeds for fruits, vegetables and flowers – all of which can grow in the Vancouver climate. Watch for events in the new year to learn how you can grow your own food and learn how to seed save.

Storm the Kitchen

Learn how to transition from resident meal plans to executing your own nutritious meals as well as learning how to shop for different dietary preferences. This full-day workshop will help you become more comfortable in your food budget, preparation and cooking skills!

Sustainability Fair

Learn how you can create meaningful change in your everyday life to make more sustainably minded decisions. This fair will introduce the current topics on sustainability while also giving you the tools and resources you need to do your part to help keep our planet thriving!

The Kaleidoscope Mental Health Support Group

This student-led initiative is providing an inclusive environment for all students who are, or have struggled, with mental health illnesses. Their support groups work to create a space where participants can share experiences and offer guidance to one another. To learn more about them or to join a support group, check out their webpage

Totem Park Pride Collective

This project is creating a community for LGBTQ2+ individuals of Totem Park. Their goal is to bring together individuals to educate,, share experiences, celebrate and embrace their sexuality in a safe space.

Tree of Tenere on the Knoll

As the Tree of Tenere in the Sahara Desert brought salt traders together, this project will work to bring together students on the beloved Knoll at UBC. This project aims to bring LED leaves with flashing beautiful colours that can be controlled by passersbys to the tree on the knoll. This is sure to lighten up any evening, we can’t wait to see it in March 2018. 

UBC Mental Health Symposium

For another wonderful year this symposium will bring together the UBC community to provide knowledge about mental health, resources on campus, self-care activities, collaboration sessions, keynote speakers and much more.

UNA Elderly Aerobic Dance Team

A group of energetic and elderly individuals from the UBC community are working together on their dance skills, making lasting friendships and staying active in their pursuit to competition next year!

Youth Sustainability Club

This project aims to empower tomorrow’s leaders by sharing knowledge about sustainability through various workshops and meetings. The ultimate goals is to  help youth encourage all members and the UBC community to live a more sustainable life!