Get ready to ride with Project 529!

Just like grabbing your helmet, greasing your chains, or checking your brakes, registering with Project 529 is part of your routine as a safe and informed cyclist!

Cycling is an enjoyable, easy, and active way to commute. While bike theft is an issue at UBC and in the Lower Mainland, it's up to you to keep your bike safe. 

To help keep your ride stress-free, UBC partnered with Project 529, a bike registration initiative, to help support bike registration and recovery. Project 529 acts as a community “garage” by keeping bike information in a database that can be referenced in the event of theft.  As a cyclist, you simply register your bikes in the online garage, add the tamper-resistant shield (which also acts as a deterrent to thieves), and can start an alert to the community should your bike be stolen.

In four years, over 1000 cyclists have registered their bikes in UBC's 529 garage, and now, it's easier than ever to register your bike from anywhere and everywhere!   

Take 5 minutes to complete these simple steps to register your bike:

1. Complete the registration process through UBC's 529 online garage (you'll need details about your bike handy):

2. Pick up a tamper-resistant shield for FREE (a $10 value) at any of the following on-campus locations (please check with each location for availability and refer to their website for opening hours):

3. After you register your bike with Project 529, take additional measures to secure your bike with UBC Campus + Community Planning's Cycling Tips and Resources

Drop-in registration events 

While you can register your bike anytime on your own, you can also join our 529 team on UBC campus to get your free shield and register your bike, all in one stop! Everyone is welcome, and feel free to invite your biking buddies! 
Upcoming 2022 Schedule (Rain or shine, extreme weather exception):

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Learn more about UBC's Project 529 Garage (click + for each topic to read on). 


How serious is bike theft an issue in Vancouver and at UBC?

2,115 bicycles were reported stolen to the Vancouver Police Department in 2020.

Why should I register my bike if I lock it everytime I go somewhere?

A lock can keep your bike safe, but bike locks can be cut — especially flimsy wire and cable locks. Registering your bike is an added layer of protection that also increases the chance of your bike being recovered if it is ever stolen.



Who should register through UBC’s Project 529 Garage?

UBC’s Project 529 Garage is for bikes belonging to members of the UBC Vancouver community. This includes UBC students, faculty, staff that live on and off - campus, and residents of the UNA and Acadia Park. Those that are eligible to register through the UBC Garage can pick up a free tamper-resistant shield at select on-campus locations.

I don’t live at UBC; where should I register my bike?

If you are a UBC Vancouver student, faculty or staff and live off-campus, you can still register your bike in UBC’s Garage and pick up a shield for free the next time you are on campus. 

UBC’s Project 529 garage is connected to the main Project 529 database which operates worldwide. Those with non-UBC affiliation (members of the general public) can still register through the main Project 529 site or find a garage through their community. For example, those living in Vancouver can register through the Vancouver Police Department's 529 Garage.  

If I registered through the UBC Garage and live in Vancouver, should I still register through the Vancouver Garage?

Nope. Since all online garages are connected, you only need to register in one garage. Registering through the UBC Garage offers the additional benefit of getting a tamper-resistant shield for free. 

If I use the app with my smartphone to register, will it still connect my bike to the UBC 529 Garage?

Project 529 is a worldwide database. If you do register your bike using the app, make sure you pick up a tamper-resistant shield in one of the pick-up locations on campus and upload it with your registration. This will automatically connect your database to the UBC garage.


Tamper-free shields

What are the tamper-free shields and are they neccessary for my registration?

The shields are optional, and you can register your bike without the shield. The shields provide an extra layer of protection as they have a unique code that you can connect to your registration account. The shields act as a unique identifier to facilitate bike recovery, while also acting as a theft-deterrent. 

Should I register my bike if I cannot pick up a shield? 

Absolutely. Simply registering your bike means you can still alert the community when your bike is stolen and increase the chances of your bike being recovered. 

How are the shields tamper-resistant?

Tamper-resistant means that once your shield is placed, it is very difficult not only to remove, but difficult to remove without leaving obvious signs of tampering. 

Does the shield track my bike?

No, the shield is a sticker and does not contain any GPS location tracking. 


Bike recovery

What happens when I register my bike through a community's garage, and it gets stolen in a different city?

All the 529 garages are connected. You can still use your registration to set out an alert in the city where the theft occurred and report your stolen bike. In fact, Project 529 has recovered bikes in Vancouver that were stolen in cities like Ottawa and Edmonton!

Curious to learn more? Check out the main Project 529 FAQ.

For questions about UBC's 529 Garage, please reach out to the UNA's Safe and Connected Coordinator at: