UBC Pride Celebrations Go Virtual

by Liam Hart, Public Space Animator

The end of term two also marks the wrap of UBC Pride. Thank you to everyone who attended the fourth annual UBC Pride, and to all our phenomenal community collaborators who made the celebration possible in the online realm. From Vogue lessons to queer histories and art, this year’s UBC Pride: Online celebrated the diversity of UBC’s LGBTQ2SIA+ students, staff, and faculty. We’ve put together all the highlights with some of the recordings for your on-going enjoyment!


In January we opened with The Art of Vogue, planned in collaboration with the local Vancouver community organization Van Vogue Jam. Hosted by renowned Dominican-American digital artist, dancer, and photographer, Rey Xtravaganze. Rey went in depth about the history of Vogue, and the legacy that continues to this day. Rey then went on to lead an introductory Vogue dance class specializing in the technique called ‘Old Way’.

Rey Xtravaganza discussing Vogue’s influence on pop culture


Love Intersections, a local media arts collective made up of queer artists of colour using art and filmmaking to address systemic racism, joined us to share their short films highlighting local queer stories. Jen, co-founder of Love Intersection, hosted a conversation with the audience, using the film to open up the discussion on the audience’s lived experiences, thoughts, and feelings.

Finding Queer Disability - Love Intersections Short Film


Organized and run by UBC Blank Vinyl Project, ClubKid! paid homage to the Queer culture of the 80’s and 90’s. Over YouTube livestream, UBC student Curtis Sobtafo and UBC alumni Saliska Sun performed sentimental covers and original songs. Watch their full sets HERE.

Curtis Sobtafo

Saliska Sun


UBC is full of talented LGBTQ2SIA+ artists, and Overexposed was a way to celebrate intersectional queer identities and showcase student art across social media to reach the wider community. The chosen works by student artists beautifully depicted a variety of queer themes from the love they experienced, to the various challenges they face. Check out the booklet of all the student art made and collected for this series!


We had the pleasure of hosting distinguished academics from across Canada to present some of their research. Dr. Amin Ghaziani from the University of British Columbia, Dr. Liz Millward from the University of Manitoba, and Dr. Craig Jennex from Ryerson University gave talks and engaged in conversations with the participants about evolutions of queer cultures to spatial queer histories. Enjoy the recordings of their talks:

Dr. Liz Millward (White lesbian’s mobility in the 1970s: Why, where, and how they traveled)

Dr. Craig Jennex (Liberation on the Dance Floor: Popular Music and the Promise of Queer Collectivity)


We are ever thankful for everyone who participated in this year's UBC Pride, and a special thank you to our partners this year including Equity and Inclusion Office and UBC Blank Vinyl Project. Happy pride, and we will see you next year!

Have an idea or interest to get involved in future festivities for UBC Pride? We can’t wait to hear from you — please reach out by email to info.utown@ubc.ca.