Kids Bike Library can fix your kid with a new bike!

We caught up with Aida Mas from the Bike Kitchen to learn about their newest initiative, Kids Bike Library. Kids and preteens grow out of clothes and even bycicles so fast, parents may find difficult to keep up. Aida has a solution, read on.

1) What is the Kids Bike Library all about?

The Kids Bike Library is similar to a regular library, but with bikes! As of May 17th, on Wednesdays from 10am – 6pm at The Bike Kitchen, kids and youth can come trade a bike they have outgrown for one their size. We'll also be doing free tune-ups on kids’ bikes from 4-6pm on Wednesdays in front of The Bike Kitchen. Join us for the launch party on May 17th from 4-6pm in front of The Bike Kitchen, for games, prizes and bike tune-ups!

2) What motivated you to create the program?

The growing pile of kids bikes in various states of disrepair at The Bike Kitchen was initially what motivated to start the program. After talking to community members, I realized that there was also a demonstrated need for a program like this one, so I thought I'd create some structure to get those kids bikes to families that need them.

3) What advice do you have for parents who want to keep their kids safe while they bike?

I would recommend doing regular ABC safety checks on their bikes and teaching them about basic bike maintenance so they know how to tell whether their bike is safe to ride. If you don't know much about bike mechanics, come by The Bike Kitchen and we'll be happy to teach you!

4) What misconceptions do you think kids and parents have about kids bikes?

I think a lot of people assume kids bikes cannot be repaired or adjusted, but just like adult bikes, they can be modified to suit the riders’ needs.